Attract, retain and reward employees through
managed Secondary Share Sales

Are you on the Outside Looking In?

Companies are maturing and are growing larger work forces before entering into the IPO phase of their business. This longer period of gestation means that the majority of the value of the company has already been generated prior to its listing, offering reduced profit potential to investors. Our partnerships within the secondary markets mean we can access businesses at the early stages of their venture capital cycle, therefore maximizing our clients returns.

What we can offer you

Whether you are an investor looking to experience the highs of being part of an initial public offering, or a VC backed start-up looking to source additional funding, Acorns is positioned to guide and advise you through whichever path you need to take, to achieve your financial objectives.

Our Experience

Having been involved in a wide variety of institutional level, early and late-stage VC transactions along with various merger and acquisition transactions, Acorn’s cross border network has proven essential to multiple companies which have entered the IPO market and flourished.

Helping Companies Grow in the Private Markets

In order to address these challenges, companies need to develop flexible liquidity programs that can adapt to company and employee needs over time, the cornerstone of the value proposition.

Secondary As A Service

Secondary as a Service is a formal secondary offering structured internally at the company in collaboration with our team. we invest as a principal and acts as a book runner with access to company management.

ROFR Partner

The company forwards a notice of proposed transfer on behalf of a selling shareholder to us who runs the transaction through the company defined “Right of First Refusal” process and becomes the investor in the proposed transaction.