Strategic Partnerships - Instrumental in providing
access to Pre-IPO privately owned companies
We are strategic in our partnerships and offer only the most sought-after Pre-IPO companies to offer our growing network of international investors.

Are you on the Outside Looking In?

Companies are maturing and are growing larger work forces before entering into the IPO phase of their business. This longer period of gestation means that the majority of the value of the company has already been generated prior to its listing, offering reduced profit potential to investors. Our partnerships within the secondary markets mean we can access businesses at the early stages of their venture capital cycle, therefore maximizing our clients returns.

What we can offer you

Whether you are an investor looking to experience the highs of being part of an initial public offering, or a VC backed start-up looking to source additional funding, Acorns is positioned to guide and advise you through whichever path you need to take, to achieve your financial objectives.

True Value

In seeking true value for our clients, we utilize the latest technology to establish a framework of advice and guidance, which enables you to fully understand which type of investment you should consider. If we do not see value, we do not present the opportunity and our independence affords us the ability to work with the brightest start-up companies in the disruptive technology environment.

Why work with US?

Invest in a unique Asset Class

Up until recently, only institutional investors could access Pe-IPO and IPO companies when entertaining VC level funding rounds. With our access to the secondary markets, we can provide a portal to investments that were once only within reach of High-Net-Worth individuals and fund managers alike.

Investing in companies prior to their initial public offering is arguably the best possible scenario when dealing with up-and-coming disruptive companies that have taken the time to prove their concept and/or their technology prior to listing.

These companies often have a significant following and frequently beat expectations come listing day.

Track record is everything

Our advisors are experts in managing Special Purpose Vehicles and their track record for arranging venture capital transactions is second to none.

 We pride ourselves on the fact we have been involved with some of the largest IPO and pre-IPO funding events in recent history.

Fundamental Research and Macro Analysis

Our senior partners conduct extensive research and due diligence prior to any recommendation, utilizing the myriad of connections we have garnered over the years from our participation in these types of financial vehicles.

Our proprietary valuation procedures are designed specifically for the secondary markets and utilize an array of macroeconomic and secular analysis, giving our clients the advantage when accessing these types of investments.